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The Duncan Hall Trophy

The Duncan Hall Trophy

The Duncan Hall Trophy was purchased in 2011 with funds donated by the family of the late Duncan Hall. In his memory the Club will hold an annual competition, open to all members, and the winner will be presented with the trophy. The trophy will be held by the winner for the twelve months until the next competition.


The Duncan Hall Trophy Competition - 2018/19.

The subject of this year's photographic competition is "The Colours of Mull"; it is open to all paid up club members. You don't need a sophisticated camera; entries will be judged (by your committee) on their artistic merit only. This year the deadline for entries is later than usual - 29th March 2019.

You can enter a maximum of four images, but they must have been taken on Mull or its surrounding islands (Iona for example). Submit your digital images by e-mail using the ‘webmaster’ link on this page. You could alternatively use the services of ‘WeTransfer’ if preferred. The service is free and can cater for very large file sizes. If you need any technical help regarding submission of entries please telephone Andy on 01680 812105.

Our new digital projector is capable of showing your images in finer detail, at a larger size and with brighter colours than the old projector. To make sure that we show your image/s to best effect present the largest file size you can. Be aware that some E-mail apps can reduce the size of your image as you send it; please make sure this does not happen! Remember that horizontal pictures fill the screen more effectively than vertical or square ones! If you need any technical help regarding the size or shape of your entries please telephone Andy on 01680 812105.

The winning entry will be awarded the Duncan Hall Trophy.

At the discretion of the judging panel a second award, The Finlay Christine Trophy, may be awarded to a different entry showing particular merit.

The judges decision in all aspects will be final.

Entries will be shown at the 2019 AGM indoor meeting.

Sample_Image © A M Oldacre


The Duncan Hall Trophy Competition - 2017.

You can still see the 2017 competition entries here.