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European Robin (Erithacus rubercula)  Debby Thorne

So what's all this “Club Stuff” about then?


Mull Bird Club has a membership of over 150, on and off-island included. In order to operate properley we need a “Constitution”. Take a look at it now!


For full information about the benefits of joining the Isle of Mull Bird Club please visit the membership page. To join please download the membership form and send with your remmitance to the address indicated.


Committee members are here to help. Don't be afraid to ask! Find out who they are on the committee page.

Reports & Notices

Your committee will put here various notices and reports from time to time. If there is an issue, concerning the Bird Club, that you would like to bring to the notice of fellow members then please let the Chairman or other committee members know about it.

Otter Reflectors

A recent report of the situation regarding the reflectors put out on the road by Salen Bay to help Otters cross the road safely. Read the report here. (PDF format)



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